Sunday, January 30, 2011

When you have an Obese Child

Who wouldn’t have felt sorry for Harry Potter when he ate the grape fruit quarter Aunt Petunia put in his plate? When her son Dudley attained the size of a baby whale, Petunia decided to empty the refrigerator of all Dudley’s favourites, put in fruits and vegetables instead, and decree that the entire household follow the same diet of fruits and vegetables in support of chubby Dudley.

So if you have an obese child, empty your refrigerator of everything under Category Junk. Instead, stuff it with fruits and vegetables. Stuff it with ingredients for health snacks and meals. Healthier alternatives like salads, soups, sandwiches (on wheat bread, preferably), parathas with vegetable stuffing etc are great ideas for everyone in the family. Set a rule that everyone in the family follow the same diet. You can’t have one family member eating chicken sausages when your child is on vegetables. (To get rid of the pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables, keep them dipped in salt water solution for at least an hour.)

Guests can be real villains when you are trying to restrict your child’s junk food eating habits. Tell them that your child’s doctor has advised against such food items. Talk to your child’s teacher to regulate his eating habits at school.

Do not starve or ridicule your child because he is obese. Talk to your child’s doctor to make sure that you are feeding him the right amount of nutrients. Do not behave as if your child’s diet plan is causing you a lot of discomfort. Think about it, and you might realize that your child’s obesity is the result of your overfeeding him.

Be patient with your obese child. Support him and help him. Take the help of a professional counselor; this will help your child to cope better.

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