Saturday, January 29, 2011

When you have picky eaters

Is your child a picky eater?. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Mothers all over the world worry about their children’s eating habits and feeding them the right amount of nutrients.

Try these tips to deal with your picky eater.
  1. Set fixed meal times for your child.  Let him have breakfast at least half an hour before he leaves for school. At school, he can have mid-morning snacks and lunch at noon. When he returns home after school, he can have tea. Dinner should be served at least an hour before your child’s regular bedtime so that it has time to digest before he goes to bed.
  2. Do not give too many options - Imagine this scenario. You have just cooked a new dish for your child, and your child is refusing to eat it.   Instead of giving her another food item, be firm. Tell your child that she cannot leave the table until she has finished eaten everything you have put on her plate.
  3. Do not offer your child ‘compensations’ (chocolates, junk food, ice creams, etc.) for finishing his food. Do not allow your child to bargain with you; be firm and your child will eventually realize that you mean business. Remember the words, “There is no better sauce than hunger!” (Raymond Feist)
  4. Do not allow your children to snack instead of eating a proper, cooked meal - If your child does not finish his food, and tells you that he is hungry after sometime, do not give him anything. Tell him that there is no food left. This will convey the message that you mean business, and that if he does not eat at the correct time and does not eat enough he will not get anything else.
  5. Evaluate your own eating habits. Are you a picky eater yourself? Then you can’t blame your child for being one. For example, if you can’t stand the taste of spinach, you can’t blame your child for not eating it.

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