Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some Child-friendly Food Items

All mothers want their kids to eat right. Your child might not like everything you put in his plate, and you should understand that everything that tastes good is not unhealthy either. There are lots of healthy foods that taste good and kids like. Some ‘child-friendly’ food items are:
Milk: Low-fat milk should be a part of every growing child’s diet. It is a good source of calcium, vitamin D and protein. Depending on their age, kids should drink between 2 to 4 glasses of milk every day.

Fish: Fish is a great source of protein and provides omega-3 essential fatty acids in addition to many vitamins and minerals. However, make sure you buy fresh fish, and not frozen ones.
Eggs: Eggs are a good source of protein. They also contain many other vitamins and minerals, in addition to some iron. Even though eggs contain cholesterol, they are low in saturated fats which are more responsible for raising cholesterol levels.

Vegetables: Vegetables should be an essential ingredient of all kids’ diet. They are rich in fibre, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Potassium. It is true that most kids do not like the taste of some vegetables (for example, broccoli and spinach). However, many kids love cooked carrots, cauliflower, mushrooms, peas and potatoes. You can puree them into a hot or cold soup, or cut them up into a salad.

Fruits: Fruits are a rich source of Vitamin C and fibre, and are low in calories too. They also taste great, and can be a great snack food. Kids love apples, oranges and bananas. However, it is always better to eat them than drink their juice. Apples are best when eaten unpeeled, because peeling the apple makes it lose about half of its fibre.

Peanut Butter: If your child is not allergic to peanuts, peanut butter is a good option. It is relatively high in fat; however, most of it is mono- and- poly-unsaturated fat, and hence better than the saturated fats found in many other high-fat foods. Peanut butter is also a good source of protein; Vitamins A, E, and B6; iron; folic acid; magnesium, zinc and copper.

Yoghurt: Yogurt is a good source of calcium. However, make sure you are feeding your kids low-fat yoghurt without added sugar.
Oats: Oats are rich in fibre and are a good food for your child.

Dates: Dates are the richest natural source of iron, and can contribute a great deal to your child’s general health. Eating dates every day will help ensure that your child does not suffer from iron deficiency. They also taste great and most kids simply love them.

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