Friday, January 28, 2011

Does your kid love cooking?

When was the last time your child helped you in the kitchen? Never? If you want children to develop healthy eating habits for a lifetime, invite them into the kitchen.

When Cartoon Network’s popular food character, “Chowder” conducted a survey of Indian kids, they found that Indian food topped the list, with both North and South Indian food getting equal marks. Cartoon Network conducted the survey to understand Indian children’s eating and cooking habits. The highlight of the survey however, was that both boys and girls love cooking, and would like to experiment with food. Surprisingly 68% of the boys surveyed wanted to learn to cook.

So how does learning to cook help them develop healthy eating habits? Learning to cook helps them learn about nutrition and healthy eating. They start learning about the ingredients that goes into a meal or a snack. Moreover, if they cook it, they will eat it.

Need more reasons to cook with your child? How about increasing their ability to create, and work in a team? How about learning a skill that they can rely on all their lives? And finally, how about the bond you build with them when cooking food for the entire family?

So if you want to get your children into the kitchen, start with snacks and meals that are easy to make, and healthy to eat like soups full of vegetables, garlic toast, fruit and vegetable salads, milk shakes. For more ideas, connect with us at

Do your kids cook? Share your experience, including tips and suggestions, with us.

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  1. What a great topic! Thanks for writing about this.

    I think you might enjoy this short film called, "If They Cook It, They Will Eat It"

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