Saturday, January 22, 2011

Develop healthy eating habits for kids

Now a days kids getting enough food does not mean they get adequate nutrition.

The kids can eat junk food every day and ostensibly be getting "enough" food, but if it is full of fat, sugar and unhealthy components, a child will not get adequate nourishment to grow properly and, in fact, could become obese. Unhealthy food costs all of us in the long run as obesity brings on so many health problems later in life, and this is very expensive to treat.

Generally a child eats one meal a day at school. We should provide kids healthy school lunches with plenty of vegetables, fruits, good proteins, fiber and dairy products. If kids get used to eating these things at school, and learn to enjoy them, perhaps they will bring these improved habits home. Also schools are expected to teach lot of things other than educating kids these days, and many are taking on this responsibility as well.

At home snacks could be replaced with soup to avoid junk intakes happening during pre-dinner time.

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