Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kids' snacks aren't always kid-friendly

Kids get nearly 40 percent of their daily calories from empty calories — or calories that come with no nutritional value attached. Half of the empty calories kids get come from just six popular foods: pizza, soda, ice cream, cookies and cakes and sugary fruit drinks.

The causes for these abhorrent eating habits are many, but researchers pointed to the food industry's work to make junk food easily available and attractive for kids and to market it aggressively. The another reason is lot of people genuinely don't think there's anything wrong with eating huge quantities of junk food. They don't know how the junk food affects to their and their kids health. The other side of the issue is lifestyle. The mother is so tired when she gets home from work and just doesn't have the energy to cook or to fight with her kids about eating.

But its time to react and avoid our kids getting overweight. Soup is healthier substitute for today’s majority of snacking options. Dietary values of soups differ according to the preparation. The clear preparations are taken as appetizers, while the substantial ones can be consumed as mini meals.

Try soups..its worth for your kids!

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