Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How healthy is your soup?

miso soups healthyIt is difficult to eat healthy when there are hundreds of things to do and no time. That is the reason most of us have resigned to eating unhealthy. But there is a food which marries nutrition with convenience. It is healthy, is easy to make and is yummy? So what are we talking about? Ladies and gentleman, give a hand for the good old soups!
Soups were what our moms prepared when we were hungry but it was too early for meals.  Be it as an appetizer or a cold remedy, soups are considered as healthy in almost all cultures. Since it is prepared in a broth of chicken or meat or by boiling vegetables, it is healthier than the stirring or frying way of preparation. We get most of the nutrients with half the calories!

Here are some of the health benefits of soups:
  • Through soups we get the nutrients and vitamins present in vegetables and meat faster without having to digest much. Also nutrients that are usually lost during cooking are retained here.
  • Kids who are fussy about eating vegetables can get the nutrients in soups without eating them directly.
  • Those who are ill and elderly who aren’t able to chew properly can benefit from drinking a soup.
  • Soups restore the water balance in our body which keeps your blood pressure in check.
  • By making a thick soup (you can even add with pasta or noodles) and eating it with salads or breads you can replace your meals with soups!
  • Soups can be prepared easily by anyone, all you have to do is put some vegetables in water or broth which is the remaining water while cooking meat or chicken can be used and boil and add spices. You can hardly over boil a soup!
  • You can avoid food wastage by using leftover vegetables and meat to prepare soups! Time and money saving, isn’t it?
  • Soups are low in sodium and saturated fats especially the vegetarian ones are great for those who are dieting.
  • There are many ingredients in soups like ginger, garlic, onions, spices which are excellent for all kinds of ailments from asthma, cardiovascular diseases to diabetes.

So now that you know everything about soups, aren’t you dying to make a yummy soup at home?

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