Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Soups are Healthy

Nutrients Galore
Since the soup ingredients (vegetables, chicken etc) are boiled in water, drinking this liquid can help your body absorb the nutrients faster than usual. The best part is you get all these nutrients sans the calories.

Happy Digestion
Dietary fibre helps to maintain normal bowel functi...on. The more fibre you have in your diet, the healthier your stomach will be. Now for those of you who'd much rather ditch the vegetables, there's always an easy way out.

Healthy Lifestyle
While sodium is an essential mineral required for good health, evening snacks like chivdas and chips contain an excess of it. Hence, eating these foods often could result in lifestyle diseases like hypertension and high blood pressure.

Constant Diet Check
Packaged soups can be carried anywhere. So if you are a career woman who is always on the move, you don't have to break all your health resolutions with unhealthy meals at restaurants that you are likely to feel guilty about later. Instead make your soup on-the-go and feel as energized as ever!

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