Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Knorr Soups

  • Knorr soups – a healthy evening snack, not only a starter.
  • Knorr soups are low in Cholesterol & Fat with goodness of vegetables.
  • Knorr’s perceived value is more than the price of the soup.
  • Knorr soups easily available in almost all super-markets,departmental stores, etc


  1. Hi all!

    I have tried many of the knorr soups.No doubt they taste great!
    But i really want 2 kno about d nutrition value of these soups.
    R they as good as soups?Does the processing decrease the nutrition value?

  2. Hi this is Neha.

    I am a student n i stay away 4m my home as a PG in mumbai.Being deprived of tasty home food, me n my roomies do consume a lot of junk food. we all understand that it is not good 4 our health,but we dnt hav ne odr option.

    I must say knorr has provided us wid a delicious and healthy option 4 the junk food which we consume as snaks.Thanks knorr!!!!

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