Friday, February 4, 2011

Think soup is only for kids? Think again!

Do you think soup is only for disguising healthy vegetables so your kids will have them? If so, read on to find out why soups are not only for kids, but is a highly beneficial food for all ages, seasons, and illnesses.

  • Thick soups (especially those that contain pureed vegetables or eggs) can be used as main dishes and are a great way to get more nutrients into your diet.
  • Chicken soup is very effective for treating cold and fever. Chicken contains an amino acid called cysteine, which is similar to the drug acetylcystein prescribed for with bronchitis. It thins the mucus in the lungs, making it easier to cough out.
  • Carrot soup and potato soup are effective remedies for diarrhoea. These supply water to combat dehydration, replenish sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulphur and magnesium levels, supply pectin and coat the intestine to allay inflammation. These also check the growth of harmful intestinal bacteria and prevent vomiting. The Vitamin A in carrots also enhances the action of white blood cells.
  • Soups made with soy can help lower the risk of breast cancer.
  • Onion soup is good for clotting disorders.
  • Spinach (palak) soup can prevent anaemia.
  • Lentil soup is great for growing children. It also helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. They also provide a source of beneficial high fiber for persons with diabetes.
  • Mixed vegetable soup with chicken is a complete and nutritious meal.
  • Cabbage soups can lower the risk of breast, prostate, colorectal and lung cancers. Cabbage owes its cancer fighting ability to phytochemicals known as glucosinolates, which are metabolized by the human body into their anti carcinogen form known as isothiocyanates
  • Cabbage soups also help fight obesity.
  • Including broccoli and tomato soup in daily diet lower the risk of prostate cancer in men.
  • Tomato soup is great against cancers of the digestive tract, colon and lungs. The natural Lycopene in tomatoes also guards against aging of the skin, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and cataract. Some studies also say that it can prevent osteoporosis.
  • Mutton soup is good for amenorrhea and regulating periods.

Knorr soups combine all the soup advantages and are a great way to bring a wide variety of health-promoting vegetables to your table in one simple meal. For speed and convenience, use it straight from the pack. Or get more creative by using it as a stock and adding your own selection of tasty fresh vegetables. For more ideas, connect with us at and share your favorite soup recipes with us.

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