Sunday, February 6, 2011

Soups and Obese Child

Is your child obese or overweight? Then chances are that you are ‘up in arms’ to make your child slim. But remember, you cannot expect your child to ‘shed’ weight in one day, nor can you starve him. It is important that your child continues to get the right amount of nutrients necessary for his growth and physical exercise.
Ideally, you should feed your child low-fat, low-calorie and high fibre food items. Soups are low in calories and full of nutrients. In fact, soups alone can satisfy much of your child’s daily nutritional requirements. While cream, butter, and milk added to soups can accentuate the taste, it is best to avoid them for health reasons. Also make sure that you do not add too much salt to the soup.
Soups have also been known to be a ‘filling’ meal. Soups are digested very fast, and the brain immediately gets the message that your stomach is full. Also, the proteins in soup help satisfy hunger. This makes sure that your child does not feel hungry between meals and resort to junk foods.
A study conducted by the Pennsylvania State University (USA) states that, "incorporating low-energy-dense foods like soup, vegetables and fruits into the diet is key to calorie reduction and therefore successful long term weight loss".
So if you haven’t tried soups yet, start exploring their infinite possibilities today itself. Make them an unavoidable component of your child’s daily diet. Get creative, and try a different soup every day. If you don’t know where to start, try the healthy, inexpensive and invigorating Knorr soups. More recipes at

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