Sunday, February 20, 2011

Got cold? Get chicken soup

Here is one dish that you do not have to ‘impose’ on your kid. Chicken is all time favorite for kids around the world, and they will eat it no matter how you serve it - be it sausages, roasted chicken, chicken curry, chicken fry, or chicken soups. Needless to say, the healthiest way to take chicken is in its soup form. The classic chicken soup consists of a clear broth (the liquid part of the soup), small pieces of chicken and vegetables (like carrot, tomato, spinach, etc.), and sometimes whole grains like rice, wheat and barley. The taste is further accentuated by adding pepper, garlic, ginger, onions corn, soya beans, etc.
A bowl of hot chicken soup was traditionally thought of as a cure to the common cold. However, recent studies have found that it cannot ‘cure’ common cold. Instead, it offers instant relief from the symptoms of cold. Research studies conducted on the health benefits of chicken soup prove that it removes nasal congestion and ease the flow of nasal secretions. Chicken contains an amino acid called cysteine which is released when you drink soup and thins the mucus in the lungs. According to a study conducted at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha in 2000, chicken soup has been found to inhibit neutrophil migration, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents sore throats.
So the next time your kid has a cold, make him a bowl of hot chicken soup. Your kid might refuse most other food items when he is ill - but not chicken soup. Want chicken soup in a jiffy? Try the Knorr chicken soup, a sensational extension of the Knorr soup range. Made with real pieces of chicken, Knorr’s chicken soups will save you time and ensure that your kids feels better instantly.


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