Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why Dehydrated Soups are Good for You

You've had a long tiring day at work and all you want to do is kick back and relax.

Is it a snack time for you ?

So what are the options - chips, biscuits, chivdas… but are they really nutritious? How about a bowl of yummy soup? Dehydrated soups are quick and healthy. Here's why you should try them! 

1. They are tasty.
When it comes to snacking, kids are definitely in the driving seat. So while soups are a healthy choice, your kids won't want to compromise on taste. The key is to give them enough variety. Lucky for you, Knorr has a range of soups that you can choose from - soups with pasta, croutons, veggies, the works! Take your pick from Knorr's Tomato Twisty Pasta Soup, Classic Creamy Mushroom, Hot & Sour Veg Soup and more. The kids will love them and so will you.

What's more, dehydration conserves the structure of the ingredients. So once you add water, the ingredients get back all their flavour, taste and shape!

2. They are healthy.
The nutritional value of the ingredients in dehydrated soups remains stable till the end of the shelf life of the product. So these soups make for a nutritious evening snack.

Try a packaged soup like Knorr that uses freeze-drying to protect the nutrients. By this technique, the ingredients are ground and mixed together to produce the best soups recipes created by Knorr chefs. Then the dehydrated soups are put into sealed packs, protecting them from moisture and therefore guaranteeing their flavour and nutritional quality for a long time.

3. They are safe.
Did you know that dehydration is also one of the best and safest methods to preserve food by simply taking water out of the food? And if you are worried about preservatives in packaged foods, dehydrated products do not require preservatives because bacteria and mould cannot grow in them.

4. They are convenient.
The best part about dehydrated soups is that they don't take time to prepare! All you have to do is empty the contents of the soup packet into the water, stir till it starts boiling, simmer for a few minutes and it's ready to be served!

If you're a working mom, Knorr soups are the perfect choice for you and the family. Plus, you can carry them with you wherever you go!

So stock up on some good dehydrated soups and enjoy these light pre-dinner meals with your family!

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